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True Seeds Ltd. – Seed Available Now 2019/20

The Lougheed Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant is excited to announce True Seeds Ltd. is now bringing more options to farmers in Flagstaff County and surrounding areas to provide new pedigreed seed varieties that will work best for your farming needs.

True Seeds Ltd: Varieties Available

AAC Viewfield: Wheat – CWRS

If you want to push wheat yields, but want a wheat that is resistant to lodging, then AAC Viewfield is the stand-up bet for the southern and the central prairies.

With both AC Stettler and Glenn in it’s parentage, AAC Viewfield has the genetics to be a winner. Bred by Richard Cuthbert, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Swift Current, Saskatchewan.


  • Top of class in standability, easy to harvest
  • Semi-dwarf and shortest CWRS available
  • Very high yielding; up to 117%* of the check
  • Intermediate resistance to FHB (fusarium head blight).
  • Good sprouting resistance

AAC Viewfield $13.00/Bushel

CS Camden: Oats

A very high yielding oat with excellent lodging resistance.

Grower and miller approved with high yields and improved quality.

  • Very high yields
  • Shorter stature, with better lodging resistance
  • High leaf biomass
  • Better grain quality than Triactor – higher % plump, less thins, higher beta glucan
  • Approved milling variety

CS Camden $7.50/Bushel

Please contact us at:

Lougheed Co-op Seed Cleaning Plant

Ph: 780-386-3771 –

True Seeds Ltd.

Chelsea: 780-777- 5885
Shane: 403-382- 9279

To book your order today.

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