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LMC Vista Sort

Colour Sorter

The VistaSort will remove foreign material (sticks, debris, stones), color defects (caused by disease, immaturity or moisture damage), splits, and undecorticated seed in Pulse Crops such as Lentils, Beans and Peas. In Cereal Grains, we can remove all types of contaminants (sticks, hulls, stones), ergot, foreign material (i.e. wild oats), discoloured seeds, as well as immature and diseased kernels.

Oliver Maxi-Cap

Gravity Table

Removes heavier stone, glass, metal and sands as well as light lumber or agricuture products or plastics.


Seed Treater

  • Adjustable chamber controls the flow of seed, unlike any other treater, allows for more consistent flow
  • Patented sleeve controls seed as it enters atomizer, giving a more accurate metering solution
  • Runs on a more horizontal level, giving each run a more natural opportunity for coating and drying
  • See video

Since 1954 Lougheed Coop Seed Cleaning Plant has been serving central Alberta with seed cleaning services. In 2017 a new plant was built to allow the plant to continue to expand technology and grow capacity.

“Our business territory continues to expand provincially, regionally and globally. And our team supports those initiatives completely.”

– Michael Patten, Plant Manager

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123 Wright Street, Lougheed Alberta

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